Consultations + Packages

How does it work? 

Working with FRN Dietitian, Margaret Mielczarek (APD, AN, SD) starts with your Initial Consultation. This is where we will discuss your goals, medical history, current dietary habits and nutrition, training nutrition, training/exercise and lifestyle. From here we can identify key changes required to start achieving your goals. Margaret will also provide you with practical advice on how to implement these changes prior to your Follow Up Consultation. Weekly follow up is recommended initially to keep you on track with achieving your goals. From there monthly follow up is advised unless you’re on a specific FRN Nutrition Package.

How much does it cost?*

  1. Initial Consultation: Skype/FaceTime (50 minutes) – $200
  2. Extended Initial Consultation: Skype/FaceTime (80 minutes) – $250
  3. Follow Up Consultation: Skype/FaceTime (30 minutes) – $100
  4. Extended Follow Up Consultation: Skype/FaceTime (45 minutes) – $150
  5. Personalised Meal Plans – $200 (cost additional to appointment fee)
  6. Sports Nutrition Plans (race day nutrition and hydration plans) – $300 (cost additional to appointment fee)

*Please note: all costs include time Dietitian spends preparing for appointments/analysing diets/preparing meal plans. 

Note: If you have private health insurance you may be able to claim appointments. Please check with your private health insurance provider.

What do I get? 

Initial Consultation: 

  1. Introduction + what to expect at appointments
  2. Client goals and reason for appointment
  3. Full clinical assessment (including recent medical history, social history, review of biochemistry, review of medications/supplements)
  4. Discussion around baseline body composition (weight, weight history, height, waist circumference, goals)
  5. Initial discussion around current training/exercise habits
  6. Baseline nutrition assessment
  7. Goal setting
  8. Education around baseline nutrition as per client goals
  9. Plan

Follow Up Consultations: 

  1. Review of client progress – trouble shooting problem areas
  2. Review of relevant biochemistry
  3. Food diary assessment and review
  4. Calorie and nutrient adjustment as required
  5. Body composition – (at a minimum) weight, weight change, waist
  6. Review of training/exercise
  7. Education + plan


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