Do you even yoga

It helps to combat stress, helps to recharge, keeps you flexible and strong, helps with sleep and so much more.

Now the benefits of a regular yoga routine extend to glycaemic control and an additional approach in preventing type 2 diabetes (T2DM).

A recent systematic review and meta-analysis published in the peer-reviewed, open-access journal, PLOS One, looking at the effects of yoga on glycaemic control, lipid profiles, body composition and blood pressure in people in the pre-diabetic state found that yoga improved health outcomes.

The study authors included research studies published between January 2002 and December 2018 that evaluated a yoga intervention in the prevention of T2DM.  

Fourteen studies (12 randomised control trials and two non-randomised control trials) with a total of 834 participants (50 per cent of whom were women) were deemed eligible for inclusion in the systematic review.

The study revealed that compared to controls, yoga intervention improved fasting blood glucose levels, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, total cholesterol and systolic blood pressure.  

According to the study authors, “This meta-analysis uncovered clinically improved effects of yoga intervention on glycaemic control, lipid profiles and other parameters of T2DM management in [a] pre-diabetic population.

“These results suggest that yoga intervention may be considered as a comprehensive and alternative approach to preventing T2DM.”

While more research is needed to support these findings, I know what I’ll be doing after my trainer session this morning.

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