Product Review: Magnum Dairy Free Almond

My world changed the day Magnum® brought out its new dairy-free range. I’ve been dairy-free (well, mostly vegan really) since January 2018 because of serious issues with chronic eczema.

Sadly, this has meant I’ve had to kiss ice-cream goodbye, while at the same time overindulging on all things, sorbet. Because #dairyfree.

But I’m a real ice-cream kinda gal! So, when Magnum® brought out its new range – HOLA! I almost squealed when perusing the frozen section of my local Coles.    

So, I decided to take a little look at how this bad-boy stacks up nutritionally.

Although, ahem! It’s ice-cream – not the time to get too carried away with being ‘Lil Miss Healthy’! Amirite?!

Nevertheless, let’s take a peek.

Gosh, darn it! How good are my product shots! 😉

First up, the ingredients list:

Water, sugar, cocoa components^ (15%) (cocoa butter, cocoa mass), coconut oil, almond (5%), glucose, glucose/fructose syrup, pea protein, emulsifiers (sunflower lecithin, E471), Stabilisers (E412, E410, E407 (contains wheat)), flavours, salt, vegetable oil, colour (E160a).

^100% Cocoa components from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. Warnings: Contains tree nuts (almonds) and gluten-containing cereals (wheat). May contain other tree nuts.

OK, firstly sugar (bah, bah, bahhh *insert dramatic music*). The second-listed ingredient. So, yup! Ice-cream – high in sugar. Who knew? *insert sarcasm*!

I do like that it contains coconut oil – it does give it a slightly unique coconutty taste compared to the regular variety.

Also, cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms – that’s pretty cool. Quality and sustainability. I like it.

Next, the NIP:

Servings per package: 3 Average serving size: 72g


  • 1040kJ (248cal) per serve; 1440kJ (345cal) per 100g

Holy mother! I must remember this when I’m powering through my second Magnum® in the space of 30-minutes. That’s almost as much energy as some ready-made meals on the market.


  • 2.0g per serve; 2.7g per 100g

No high protein claims here!


  • Total = 15.9g per serve; 22.1g per 100g
  • Saturated = 9.8g per serve; 13.6g per 100g

Yikes! The recommendation here is no more than 10g total fat/100g.

Remember: ‘tis a TREAT, yo!

And saturated fat? We-h-ell … the guidelines say less than 3g saturated fats/100g. BUT to be fair, coconut oil IS listed as the third ingredient …


  • Total = 23.2g per serve; 32.3g per 100g
  • Added sugars = 18.9g per serve; 26.3g per 100g

Let’s look at the added sugar first. ‘Tis a wee bit high! Remember, the WHO recommends limiting this bad boy to no more than 5-10% of our total daily energy intake… so, if you’re having three of these in one sitting? Mmm … time to stop. Also, try to aim for less than 10g sugar/100g where you can. But back to my previous comment … T.R.E.A.T!


  • 30mg per serve; 40mg per 100g

Salt, dear friends, is not the issue with this bad (yet, so very delicious) boy! We are all (*cough*) sweet in the salt department …!

Overall …

Don’t get your knickers in a twist health-conscience ladies and gents – this is a TREAT. A delicious, creamy, vegan-friendly (in fact … it’s vegan CERTIFIED), dairy-free ice-creamy treat. Oh, to be able to have that sweet, sweet and oh so moreish taste of a Magnum® again.

Thank you, ice-cream creators at Magnum®, thank you!

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