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Is An online nutrition and sports nutrition consultancy specialising in nutrition for optimal health and performance


Fuel Right Nutrition – Fuel Right, to Feel Right. 

Born out of the desire to help you thrive – to help you live your best possible life and to perform optimally, FRN translates the science to provide practical, expert nutrition advice through individual nutrition consultations and, lifestyle and performance programs. With a passion for optimal health and performance and the prevention and management of chronic disease, the emphasis is on sustainable, plant-based eating because of the strong link between diet and lifestyle disease.

Take your performance to the next level. 

Why FRN? 

If you’re tired of trying different diets and fads that ultimately fail and you’re after an individualised approach, or if you’re an athlete looking to take your athletic performance to the next level while also optimising long-term health then you’ve come to right place!

You don’t have to simply exist – you were born to thrive! 

Everyone is different and one size fits all doesn’t work. At FRN the approach is individualised for wellness and performance – an approach that will suit your lifestyle and individual needs. The advice provided is personalised and practical, simple and easy to follow to help you achieve lifelong results.

What’s covered at FRN?

  • Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes
  • Race Day Nutrition and Hydration Plans
  • Whole Foods Focus
  • Meal Planning
  • Plant Based | Vegetarian | Vegan Athletes
  • Nutrition for optimal Gut Health | Gut-Brain connection
  • Food Allergies and Intolerances
  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Weight Management
  • Metabolic Syndrome (Heart Disease | High Blood Pressure | Diabetes)
  • And more…

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